Vacation rentals Presseroo WordPress websites services

Claro Señores y Señoritas if you have a nice Finca, Condo, Apartment or any other form of vacation rental units you might like to put them onto a website that is not only your own but can also be edited by yourself just like you would write an email, simple as that, no need to learn […]


Making directories by Presseroo WordPress services

So, you need some sort of clever directory based on WordPress that works and looks absolutely great on all mobile screens as well, is not customized to an extend the frequent updates would cause trouble to the looks and functions of even the slightest part of your WordPress site?? Well, as mentioned before, PRESSEROO CAN DO! […]

webseiten fuer sportclubs und Vereine erstellen

Webseiten fuer Sportclubs erstellen

Fuer Vereine jeder Groesse, ganz besonders Sportsvereine, Club Mannschaften und dessgleichen ist es beinahe ein Segen eine Website zu haben auf welcher diverse authorisierte Mitglieder jeweils kurz fristig das neueste posten koennen damit alle anderen Mitglieder jeweils sofort auf dem laufenden sind. Wann wird morgen trainiert, gibt es Wetterumstaende welche das training oder ein bereits […]


wordpress websites for clubs & teams

You are a sports team and want a website that can be edited by various members of the club and allows your fans to activly be involved online? You can easily achieve that through WordPress installation and customization services resulting in an individual look for your club’s interactive online presence by! You are […]


Produkte online verkaufen mit Presseroo WP services

Jawoll, falls Sie etwas zu verkaufen haben und sich einen Online Shop einrichten moechten welchen Sie dann auch selbst jeweils veraendern koennen, dann sind natuerlich bei Presseroo WordPress Applikationsservices genau richtig. Bereits ueber 10 jahre Erfahrung und staendigdabei auf dem letzten Stand der Dinge was SEO und WordPress resp. Themen und Plugins betrifft – und […]

Presseroo Wordpress services for self editing- ocal political interest groups

Presseroo WordPress services for self editing local political interest groups

Here is the beauty of Presseroo WordPress applications services (or WordPress websites in general): Presseroo can do, the layout of a group of interest WordPress site, adding the right plugins and make sure everything will function and look as desired. Once that part of WordPress web site designing is done the idea is that the […]


Erstellen von Online Stores mit WordPress

Sie möchten gerne multi-national auftreten? Sie wollen tolle Produkte online verkaufen? Dann sind Sie bei Presseroo WordPress Applikationen rein zufällig am richtigen Ort zur richtigen Zeit gelandet, denn, Presseroo can do..! gehört zur BuyCelergen International Group ( ) und Presseroo durfte beide Versionen, die Englische wie die Deutsche, gestalten und all die nötigen Funktionen […]

Besuchen Sie diese von Presseroo erstellte website

Selbst zu bearbeitende Industrie Webseiten Erstellungsservice

Sie haben also ein Unternehmen welches Industrielle Produkte verkauft und dies auch online Publik haben wollen? Diese Produkte sind aber nicht immer die gleichen, sondern diese aendern je nach Angebot und Nachfrage. Hier ist klar dass eine auf statischem code basierende Webseite wenig Sinn macht da Sie als Unternehmer dazu staendig Ihren webmaster um Hilfe […]

Swiss Center Vietnam an official business exchange ordpress application

WP applications for large organisations

So we had a web site up and running for this wonderfully active promoter that seeks to exchange business interests from the two countries of Switzerland and Vietnam. It was a static website, meaning hand coded HTML with all the necessary CSS styling bundled in, located at, but it wasn’t before long that this […]


Advanced personal WP blogging solutions

Building an exchange place in the virtual world is still the most gratifying way to have an online presence, to be someone or stand for something in the WWW. Whoever has something to say about whatever – and has a blog with a public commenting system on it – can basically skip Twitter, Facebook and […]

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WordPress Applications for small home business

Presseroo can also set up wonderfully easy to use WordPress applications for any size of small or home based business ventures. WordPress applications can be as easy as (or actually even easier than) working on the computer using software like Word, Website Editors like Dreamweaver, or almost any other web coding capable software, because the […]

Presseroo for Wordpress Applikations Services to offer YOUR services also online

Building an online advertising billboard for your services

In our real life world we know about the old school way of advertising our services and business in either, the printed press (relatively expensive) the TV media (really expensive), printing our own flyers (still at some reasonable cost), or simply plaster our stuff onto free billboards in supermarkets or on telegraph poles (where still […]


Selbst zu bearbeitende Website Kreations Dienstleistungen fuer KMU’s

Presseroo WordPress Kreationen, eine Flat Rate Dienstleistung fuer Klein- und Mittelstaendische Betriebe sind die Ideale Online Loesung. Das wichtigste in Kuerze: Flat Rate, daher uebersichtliche Kosten von allem Anfang an. Sehr guenstg da Freelance (frei schaffender) Web Designer mit ueber 20 Jahren Erfahrung! Sie werden in jedem Fall eine persoenlich auf Sie abgestimmtn Beratung sowie […]

Personal blogging installations with a Wordpress applications service by Presseroo

Personal news blogging with Presseroo

Lookin’ good eh? Yes indeed, here we have an example on how to use WordPress to simply automate tasks that are to time consuming building a website with hand written HTML and CSS. Inserting a bundle of images in a static HTML based website can be a handful. Creating thumbs manually, maybe even creating a […]

Building online sales stores with Presseroo Wordpress Applications Services

Building Online Sales Stores with WordPress

Really? You thought this whole online sales store thing is way to complicated to set up and make look good, right? Well, yes and no, also here the key is researching your options. A WordPress application as your base platform for an online store may not seem so obvious, but it is possible – and, […]


WordPress for a small travel agency online

Say you have a small organization that has to cover the world, the world of travelers that is.  Opening a travel agency on a nice busy downtown street may not do the trick anymore since everyone just browses around the internet for travel destinations or travel deals. Well, what’s the big deal to you than, […]

Example of a personal news blog website Wordpress application created by Presseroo

WordPress applications for personal websites

There’s always a catch to even the simplicity of using a WordPress application as an individual news blogger. Presseroo has plenty of WordPress applications experience and can help develop the right layout as well as getting all the features you – as an individual blogger – might want to have to make it as good […]

Online store website Wordpress applications Service by Presseroo

WordPress solutions for online stores

The advantage of such a WordPress applications based online sales store is the ease of use to add, edit or remove products easily with just a tiny little bit of knowledge about how WordPress works. Online stores based on WordPress applications (as well as any other form of online stores in fact) however generally have […]