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Your freelance web designer for flat rate services
Your freelance web designer for flat rate services

Presseroo WordPress Applications Services are provided byfreelance web designer Rudolf Megert. Go straight to the contact form

Presseroo WordPress Applikationen Services gibt es daher natürlich auch in Deutscher Sprache!

Rudolf Megert is a “traveling Wilbury”, he lives a couple of months in Western Canada, than in the Prairies, than in Central Europe, Germany or Switzerland, and hence it makes no sense to place his address here just to have to change it 4 times a year or so.

Nonetheless, Presseroo can do!
I mean WordPress Applications for pretty much anything and any use – and, in pretty much ANY LANGUAGE as well (as long as you can provide either, a German or English base version).

  1. You want to sell products online – Presseroo can do!
  2. You want to offer your services online – Presseroo can do!
  3. You want a business site you or your secretary can update anytime without the help of your webmaster – Presseroo can do!
  4. You just want someone to set up the layout of your own WordPress site – Presseroo can do!

Business Address / Geschaeftsadresse:

  • Presseroo ist gloabl zuhause, im allgemeinen in allen deutschsprachigen Laendern.
    Bitte benutzen Sie die Kontaktform unten fuer anfaengliche Informatonen, danke.
  • Presseroo is a global entity, mainly operating in all English speaking countries.
    contact details change frequently, please use therefore below contact form for initial information requests, thanks.

Contact Presseroo the freelance Wordpress specialist through this form please.

P.S. Sie können auch gerne in Deutscher Sprache schreiben.

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