Building an online advertising billboard for your services

Presseroo for WordPress Applikations Services to offer YOUR services also onlineIn our real life world we know about the old school way of advertising our services and business in either, the printed press (relatively expensive) the TV media (really expensive), printing our own flyers (still at some reasonable cost), or simply plaster our stuff onto free billboards in supermarkets or on telegraph poles (where still legal) for free.

In the virtual world however we can claim our own piece of a billboard that can be seen around the world Ladies and Gentlemen!

Sure, setting up a WordPress Application using the service of Presseroo can do is not entirely free to begin with, but with Presseroo’s user friendly and always clear cut FLAT RATE deals on WordPress applications installations and customizations you know right away how little this is going to cost you in initial payments. Once that is done and over with you have claimed your virtual piece of that worldwide billboard, you will be able to maintain it like you would maintain your email client, and for all else you don’t even need that famous MattaCard anymore, it’s just a matter of your time to make it

  1. findable by the millions (or so)
  2. looking inviting to the millions (or so)!

In the case of this WordPress Applications Services creation by Presseroo can do the trick was to show a different header image on each page of the online services site. Normally, in hand written HTML, this is a part that causes not the tiniest headache to the web designer, but as things are at WordPress Version 3+ there’s no “click me up Scotty” solution for this clients wish so far, and this is where you need a little help from Presseroo can do – well, because Presseroo can do (also this)!

Noteworthy add-on comment:

Yes, Presseroo can do – even more!
Your WordPress Application website in any langauge you need it to be, as long as your start-up contents is in either, English oder Deutsch, and you can provide the transalted versions for any additional language to Presseroo.

Habe ich es schon mal irgendwo erwähnt, selbstverständlich erstellt Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services all diese Services auch in Deutscher Sprache. Auch die FLATRATE Preise für jeden Presseroo WordPress Applikations Service gibt es, ebenfalls zu “horrend” günstigen Ansätzen!
Und, nicht nur volle Inhalte in Deutscher Sprache oder in English kann man von Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services erwarten, eigentlich Inhalte in jeder anderen Sprache ebenso, sofern man dafür
1. eine Deutsche oder English Version zuerst erstellt, und danach
2. eine in die jeweils gewünschte Landessprache übersetzte Version an Presseroo übermittelt.


  1. M.J. C.

    So you are saying that once you built a such “online billboard for my services” with a WordPress application and all is set up fully functional i could run the show completely on my own, even though i can not and don’t want to ever learn any “nerdy code writing”???

    1. May i use a nice little populist phrase here CJ (or is that MJ)?

      Yes you can!

      Alright alright, i’ll give it to you in a bit more practical terms now.
      Just like any other online editor (CMS etc.) also the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress has a couple of quirks.
      Once they hit you (and they will) you wish you knew some basic HTML so you could just switch to HTML view and correct things there with ease.
      However, these quirks are not all that many, and it is part of my Presseroo WordPress applications services to be in touch with my clients, for instance by a VOIP system like GoogleTalk, and give them an undivided guide through the functions and possible obstacles for novices.

      As of now my experience is that they all got to grips with it after only 1 such guided tour, so this should not hold you back or pose to many worries.

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