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Swiss Center Vietnam an official business exchange ordpress application So we had a web site up and running for this wonderfully active promoter that seeks to exchange business interests from the two countries of Switzerland and Vietnam.

It was a static website, meaning hand coded HTML with all the necessary CSS styling bundled in, located at SwissCenterVietnam.ch, but it wasn’t before long that this organization started to grow and expand – and with it the needs of it’s ever growing website!

The webmaster couldn’t keep up with all the updates coming in, the organization did not want to pay all the time and effort the webmaster had to put up, are you familiar with this kind of dilemma??

Well, a WordPress Application installation by Presseroo can do (!) was also here the right step ahead.

Also with this WordPress Application Service the main issue was to find the right starting grid, meaning a Theme that could expand and had all the options built in that where most likely going to be needed, either right away or in the foreseeable future.

There came a good stack of Plugins along into it, Plugins like an Event Calendar, a plugin to use tables inside a WordPress Application, a photo gallery plugin and a few less visible ones too.

So, once again the ownership can fully mainting their website – or at least the WordPress Application part thereof mainly by themselves, with various people within the organization taking care of their specific niche within the WordPress Application by themselves – and the webmaster only needs to step in when something does not work out the way it should, for all else there is Mamascard (or so)…

Noteworthy add-on comment:

Yes, Presseroo can do – even more!
Your WordPress Application website in any langauge you need it to be, as long as your start-up contents is in either, English oder Deutsch, and you can provide the transalted versions for any additional language to Presseroo.

Habe ich es schon mal irgendwo erwähnt, selbstverständlich erstellt Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services all diese Services auch in Deutscher Sprache. Auch die FLATRATE Preise für jeden Presseroo WordPress Applikations Service gibt es, ebenfalls zu “horrend” günstigen Ansätzen!
Und, nicht nur volle Inhalte in Deutscher Sprache oder in English kann man von Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services erwarten, eigentlich Inhalte in jeder anderen Sprache ebenso, sofern man dafür
1. eine Deutsche oder English Version zuerst erstellt, und danach
2. eine in die jeweils gewünschte Landessprache übersetzte Version an Presseroo übermittelt.


  1. P E.. Salazar

    Hello Sir,
    we are planning exactly such a website like this swisscentervietnam.ch site you have created.

    Also for us it would be a business center / hub situation with various services and a membership otion ecouraging participation and exchange between multiple countries in our immediate neighborhood (Spain, the Western EU).

    It should be in each of the respective languages as well as in English.

    Can you give me an estimate of the time it would take you to get such a WordPress application system up and ready for business, and most of all, what is your estimate on our cost for it all??

    Sincerely, awaiting your response

    1. berlineroo

      Thanks for your enquiry Mr. Salazar.

      Estimating the time it takes to get a fully working ready for business WordPress application off the ground is not so easy to estimate as there are all sorts of factors involved.
      The main question is how much of time is needed to have the overall layout exactly the way you want it
      Next conern will be how many plugins are needed to add all wanted functions built into your site, these can be many, the higher the expectations and interactions should be.
      Finally, do you have all your contents ready or still need to work that out page by page or blog entry by blog entry (visitors don’t want to end up on empty spots anywhere on a website generally).

      The cost is easier to estimate.
      Depending on the projects volume overall naturally, but it will be a FLAT RATE from the start on.
      The flat rate can range anywhere from USD 600.- to 1200.- at the most.

      So, if you are interested please use the contact form to give me some details and any other form you’d prefer to communicate with me.

      Thanks, Rudolf, freelancer at Presseroo can do.

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