Personal news blogging with Presseroo

Personal blogging installations with a WordPress applications service by PresserooLookin’ good eh?

Yes indeed, here we have an example on how to use WordPress to simply automate tasks that are to time consuming building a website with hand written HTML and CSS.

Inserting a bundle of images in a static HTML based website can be a handful. Creating thumbs manually, maybe even creating a large view image page with some text to it, ohje, i see blistering fingertips or worn out computer keyboards coming your way…

So, Presseroo can install a WordPress application that allows for quick and easy uploads of bundles of images that are than automatically thumbnailed and sorted into online galleries, but wait, that’s not all, there are Wordress Themes out there that invite a creative spirit like Presseroo can do to lay hands on about just everything that looks like layout, until your personal WordPress applications based website looks – well, just like a regular static website for instance.

Yet, YOU never need to learn much HTML or CSS for your new pure and static looking website. You got the looks of your very own website plus the ease of administering it thanks to the intuitive WordPress Admin panel backend, no software download required, it’s all online.

Noteworthy add-on comment:

Yes, Presseroo can do – even more!
Your WordPress Application website in any langauge you need it to be, as long as your start-up contents is in either, English oder Deutsch, and you can provide the transalted versions for any additional language to Presseroo.

Habe ich es schon mal irgendwo erwähnt, selbstverständlich erstellt Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services all diese Services auch in Deutscher Sprache. Auch die FLATRATE Preise für jeden Presseroo WordPress Applikations Service gibt es, ebenfalls zu “horrend” günstigen Ansätzen!
Und, nicht nur volle Inhalte in Deutscher Sprache oder in English kann man von Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services erwarten, eigentlich Inhalte in jeder anderen Sprache ebenso, sofern man dafür
1. eine Deutsche oder English Version zuerst erstellt, und danach
2. eine in die jeweils gewünschte Landessprache übersetzte Version an Presseroo übermittelt.

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