WordPress for a small travel agency online

Say you have a small organization that has to cover the world, the world of travelers that is.  Opening a travel agency on a nice busy downtown street may not do the trick anymore since everyone just browses around the internet for travel destinations or travel deals.

Well, what’s the big deal to you than, get up and get a web site for your organization yourself. Contact Presseroo for a start, it’s easier for you than for Presseroo (to put it philosophically), and get a WordPress for small organizations established at a fixed and predefined flat rate WordPress application service deal that works for your budget too!

This particular WordPress application installed by Presseroo however was a tad easier to do than some others, thanks to the long research into the extensive universe out there for Themes  for WordPress applications.

It is always of great importance to find a Theme that can handle everything you need it to and that can be customized well too.

A few well chosen Plugins added in and the WordPress application was ready for the site ownership to add their travel partners, 1 post at the time, no help needed from Presseroo after the first few posts atempts.

Viva la independence!

Viva la Presseroo!

An important Presseroo message:

Yep, Presseroo can do – even more!
(Or need i say “even less” here)?
Well, less would be static HTML web design services, but oh no, maybe it is actually far more, ohje, this is confusing me now, i never calculated or measured my working hours on any of my web creations services, as long as it is interesting and creative, so i am still undecided which process takes up more time, finding all the right WordPress “toys” and trying to edit all these codes made by others for some WordPress Application or Theme or Plugin – or simply start at a white page and type away with HTML and CSS code and using some graphics software to create tiny images to give the website created by 11A web design services freelancer Rudolf Megert it’s unique look in my own code and my clients words, but nonetheless, it’s there for the offer, also as FLAT RATE deals, of course.

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