Building Online Sales Stores with WordPress

Building online sales stores with Presseroo WordPress Applications Services
Good online sales numbers for this Presseroo website creation (site taken offline due to issues with product supplier)
Really? You thought this whole online sales store thing is way to complicated to set up and make look good, right? Well, yes and no, also here the key is researching your options.

A WordPress application as your base platform for an online store may not seem so obvious, but it is possible – and, the advantage for you as a future online sales store owner is once again in the so widely and commonly known ease of use of the Admin area of a WordPress Application.

In contrast to this, a totally specialized online products sales store appears overwhelmingly complicated just to figure it all out and you might observe that your beard grows long and gray by the time you got it – unless you are a female store owner of course (wow, just found another advantage females have over males, isn’t that to much or what ..).

This particular food supplements selling online store based on a WordPress applications service installation by Presseroo can do documents how user friendly an online store can appear – and it has also a good bit of SEO focus built in, after all, what good is a neat online store if nobody can find it. WordPress Comments are an up and already estabished source of additional information based on user input rather than site owner input the search biggies of today pay attention to.

The WordPress commenting system has these days basically the same use and function (especially in SEO terms speaking) like a forum – with the tiny but important difference that your websites visitors don’t have to go through the nerdy process of signing up to a forum before they can say their peeps!

Noteworthy add-on comment:

Yes, Presseroo can do – even more!
Your WordPress Application website in any langauge you need it to be, as long as your start-up contents is in either, English oder Deutsch, and you can provide the transalted versions for any additional language to Presseroo.

Habe ich es schon mal irgendwo erwähnt, selbstverständlich erstellt Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services all diese Services auch in Deutscher Sprache. Auch die FLATRATE Preise für jeden Presseroo WordPress Applikations Service gibt es, ebenfalls zu “horrend” günstigen Ansätzen!
Und, nicht nur volle Inhalte in Deutscher Sprache oder in English kann man von Presseroo WordPress Applikations Services erwarten, eigentlich Inhalte in jeder anderen Sprache ebenso, sofern man dafür
1. eine Deutsche oder English Version zuerst erstellt, und danach
2. eine in die jeweils gewünschte Landessprache übersetzte Version an Presseroo übermittelt.


  1. Parker

    Oi, now that’s a shame, this site ws my best source to buy this interesting but costly product online, and there’s not much else to buy this online from what i can tell, what happened??

  2. Hi Parker,
    apparently some legal stress with the main distributors of this product, they wanted to sell some exclusive sales rights .. and probably limited their success drastically with that move, not sure though, did not bother to follow up, as you see, i am using this domain now for Presseroo as a sub domain.

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