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Online store website WordPress applications Service by Presseroo
Presseroo built this online sales store website for testing purposes only, never made public.
The advantage of such a WordPress applications based online sales store is the ease of use to add, edit or remove products easily with just a tiny little bit of knowledge about how WordPress works.

Online stores based on WordPress applications (as well as any other form of online stores in fact) however generally have a few complications that an online store owner must be aware of and capable to deal with – besides of learning how to use the online stores administration panel.

An online store Admin panel based on the WordPress platform, using a freely available WordPress plugin (or two or three ..) takes most of the often complicated and time consuming learning curve about keeping the online sales store up in properly functioning neat looking order associated with other, more specialized online stores to a bearable minimum, so there is room to sort out the important issue of automatic addition of any shipping costs associated with an online stores products as well as the tedious issue of taxes all over the place and different not only in every country but most often also in each of the various states of a country.

Just remember, Presseroo can do – also this!

An important Presseroo message:

Yep, Presseroo can do – even more!
(Or need i say “even less” here)?
Well, less would be static HTML web design services, but oh no, maybe it is actually far more, ohje, this is confusing me now, i never calculated or measured my working hours on any of my web creations services, as long as it is interesting and creative, so i am still undecided which process takes up more time, finding all the right WordPress “toys” and trying to edit all these codes made by others for some WordPress Application or Theme or Plugin – or simply start at a white page and type away with HTML and CSS code and using some graphics software to create tiny images to give the website created by 11A web design services freelancer Rudolf Megert it’s unique look in my own code and my clients words, but nonetheless, it’s there for the offer, also as FLAT RATE deals, of course.

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