WordPress solutions services rendered by Presseroo

What Pressero WordPress applications services can do for you:

First and foremost Presseroo can deliver totally custom made websites ideal for any Small to Medium Enterprise, Clubs and Groups or individuals who need a solution they can eventually maintain on their own, basically as easy as writing an email!

Pressero is a freelance web design service by Rudolf Megert, web designer since 1994.

I always offer flat rate cost, thus my customers always know what it will cost them in total before i even got started with the actual work, that’s customer friendly convenience a la Presseroo.

My rates are always reasonable!

No contract required, Presseroo works on a pay-as-you-go based system that’s fair and straight forward to both sides, i get paid bit by bit for work rendered, the customer can bail out if not satisfied at any time, only losing what has already been paid up for work done that far.

I fluently speak and write in German and English, but if text is supplied i can also design and create websites in any other language.
An example:
Apartamentos para sus vacaciones a WordPress creation service by Presseroo

Totally geared towards personal IT solution services Presseroo will make sure the customers needs are fully covered.

In addition to installing and customizing a WordPress website Presseroo can also create any type of graphics needed for the website in question, logos, even photos or videos or layout graphics that is.

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